Cloud Studio IoT platform

Cloud Studio is an IoT platform designed from scratch for the Enterprise market.
Capable of connecting to devices and external platforms of all leading technologies, it makes it possible to deploy complete, self-contained solutions with minimal effort, including out-of-the-box vertical solutions for smart parking, smart buildings, and public lighting.

Smart Buildings

With Cloud Studio's Smart Building vertical solution, the infrastructure of commercial and residential buildings can be monitored by unifying the control and data acquisition of devices with the leading technologies available today, using them to maximize the availability of building infrastructure, cut energy and maintenance costs, and improve living space comfort.

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Public Lighting

The Public Lighting vertical solution is designed to monitor public and commercial lighting. Supporting hundreds of thousands of appliances in all leading technologies. Its objective is to maximize the availability of the lighting infrastructure, minimizing energy and maintenance costs, and improving lighting in public spaces and entire cities.

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Smart parking

The Smart Parking vertical makes it possible to deploy a fully wireless parking solution, capable of monitoring the availability and use of thousands of parking spots in real time. Static, variable, and scheduled tariffs, together with end-user mobile apps for payment and spot guidance create a perfect solution for on-street parking.

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